Prepping for my documentary to shoot out in Mongolia in August. It's only 6 weeks until 30 riders from all over the world take to small semi-wild Mongolian horses and try to survive a 1000km race across steppe and desert. And I am one of them, riding as well as shooting a documentary about it – on horseback.

Training hard now to slim down and be that lean, mean riding machine I never thought I could be. It's getting easier with increasing fear...

I'll be posting updates regularly from now on so check back.


06/18/2012 1:42pm

Like, orrrrrrrsoooooooome! Wish I was going too!

amanda barrie
06/18/2012 2:49pm

Come home safely...and bring me a lifted demitasse, please! xxx

11/07/2014 4:59am

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06/20/2012 2:51am

Great idea, you´ll make it.
or in Bavarian Slang: Des bassd schoh

06/20/2012 10:25am

I wish I was there too
to ride across the winning line
side by side
with you.

.... Thats a poem :-)) ....

09/22/2014 3:18pm

It is so amazing and I really like the way you have planed for it. I wish I was also there with you because I always love such things. Many people use to pay for my research paper to get the best results in their studies.

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