It's two days until I'm flying out to Mongolia, with the co-production crew meeting me there a few days later. The great news is that Olympus have come through with their sponsorship, and a slick little OM-D was handed to me yesterday. I was really keen to test it for this trip as it has incredible 5-axis anti-shake, better than almost any competitor even in the prosumer market. 

First tests this morning revealed that yes, even after 3 hours sleep and a shaky caffeinated start to the day, the footage came out as smooth as a baby's bottom, not bad for a tiny micro-third camera. Pimped it with a Rode mic and 64Gb card and now feel a little more ready to document this epic adventure they call the Mongol Derby. So, thank you Olympus!

No, that's not a gun in my pocket, it's just my nappy

I have also taken ownership of The World's Largest Granny Underpants with sewn-in "padding" — nappy for you and me — so my bottom should also stay silky smooth. I know, I know, too much information...

Honestly though, the sleep deprivation and stress of the last few weeks — make that months — should stand me in good stead for what's to come. I am a fully-functional homo sapiens on 4 hours a night at the moment, so to all you snoring fellow riders, vodka-swigging herders, yapping dogs, howling wolves, brutally early mornings, I say that shit don't impress me much.

On the up-side, hoping they won't be arrested on the way in for spying, the crew of New Earth Films/MsFilms are going to bring a minicopter for aerials and some kit that would make even Peter Jackson soil his — no doubt — granny-size pants. 

And we're nearly ready with the crowd-funding site, watch this space if you want to become an IMDB-acredited film professional the quick & easy way, by bribing me with your dosh. It's not what you know, it's who you know, and baby, you know me...



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