So, I managed to get myself on the slowest (and smallest) long-haul flight I've ever been on, which was Turkish Airlines taking the scenic route to a whole new level, via Istanbul, Kazakhstan and on to Mongolia.

It would have been beautiful to see something when we flew over these vast and sparsely populated countries, alas, I was installed in a very tight middle seat and it was night for some of the time. Well, hopefully better luck on the way back.

Seeing the name of the airport finally in real-life was pretty special — Chinggis Khan Airport, the place I've been dreaming about for a loooong time now. And here we are. And it's raining, really damp, massive puddles and mud everywhere, but not too cold otherwise, in fact it's probably exactly like London up until last week.

Going into town in a cab where neither of us speaks a word of the other one's language is one of those things that make you realize that you've just pitched up in a really alien place. Mongolia does though, strangely enough, remind me quite a bit of Bhutan. Similar (buddhist) mentality, kinda cool, happening, relaxed yet deeply rooted in ancient traditions at the same time. Only here in Mongolia the idea of architecture is a bit newer than any other place I've ever visited. Even the capital Ulaanbataar was just a large city made up of tents until not too long again. The name in fact means something like 'main camp'. So that is why the Soviet Russians could run riot here with concrete and more concrete, and the outcome is one pretty unattractive, yet vibrant and happening place. I hope we'll get to explore to little and I'm almost certain it's one of those places you just fall in love with for the people that live here. But I'm already off to the country tomorrow to prep the shoot and test the Olympus kit. So far, very impressed with the little OM-D. Very good for concealed crowd filming I gotta say. Unfortunately the card reader doesn't want to connect with my lappy, so no OM-D photos on here for now until I've found a solution.

Oh, and I found a t-shirt that says Mongolia, motherland of the wild horses. Which I thought was as good a crew T as any, so I bought three.

Watch this space to see the crew all dressed up.



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08/26/2014 11:43pm

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