Editing of All The Wild Horses has been very slow going, due to the sheer amount of footage and the painstakingly careful weaving together of the different stories.

It will still be a while until this baby is completed. Stand by for further news.



06/02/2014 12:00am

This holding fee shall be charged on a monthly basis and for as long as there is an available balance in your trading account.

08/25/2014 5:11am

In my appreciation, some of the faces in the quiz reflect a different emotion from the answer.

08/26/2014 11:46pm

me too....wanted more older women, less makeup.

08/27/2014 2:39am

I wonder if there is a pattern to the types of misreads?

09/18/2014 6:54pm

There is plenty of evidence from the animal world that cues are given and received through facial expressions and the eyes.

09/26/2014 9:39pm

Not so easy for a researcher to pin down the real emotion.....so if the researcher is using the reasonable technique of taking an average of many people's perceptions/guesses -- the wisdom of the crowd -- then some of the putative answers will be wrong.

10/08/2014 8:41pm

A lot of it is the angle of the head rather than what the eyes are doing...

11/13/2014 5:26am

I know that I found it much harder to judge the women's emotions than the men's and part of that might have been the piles of come-hither eyeliner.

09/17/2014 1:11am

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