Following a trip to North America we've had some interesting new developments not only for The Safe Word, but also for The Apple, Herman Rosenblat's tragic true story of a lie. It's really too early to say much more but here's hoping it'll pan out.

This sign on Williamsburg Bridge struck me as so apt. Even though these two projects couldn't be more different if they tried, both The Apple and The Safe Word are nontheless set at least partially in Jewish communities in that awesome part of NYC, so I'll take that as a sign. Try and judge me.



07/30/2014 3:34am

Thanks for sharing the whole information with us.

08/25/2014 5:13am

Basing a score on simply looking at a photo of someone's eyes doesn't seem realistic.

08/26/2014 11:48pm

And like others here had commented, this is only using eyes, in still black and white photos, so you have no other cues at all so cross check your impressions.

08/27/2014 2:42am

I am a female so I don't know if that's normal or not.

09/18/2014 6:52pm

If we want to worry, at least worry about what's likely, not what isn't. Every time we step into, or around, a car, we run a much, much larger risk of injury or death; every time we stuff another french fry into our mouth; every time we become stressed or upset; every time our blood pressure rises a few more points; every time we become depressed...we run much larger risks of getting sick or injured.

09/26/2014 9:37pm

I scored... zero! Because either the quiz link has vanished or I'm too stupid to see it. If the latter's the case, I probably can't read people's emotions either so... zero. Astonishingly accurate!

Not only are there no elderly women, their emotions include 2 "fantasizing," 1 "desire," and 1 "flirtatious," while there is not even a *remotely* sexy emotion for any of the male pictures!!! Ridiculous.

11/13/2014 5:23am

I would consider this finding interesting, but seeing as I'm a woman and there were no "Flirtatious" or "Interested" males, maybe something is up with quiz.

11/16/2014 9:33pm

I agree with the other comments and I think that I might have had a more difficult time reading faces of different ethnic backgrounds

09/25/2014 2:41am

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09/29/2014 3:48am

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11/04/2014 6:50am

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