The Royal Opera House in London commissioned us to make a short, branded documentary film about the making of their stage production Don Giovanni, with a focus on their use of revolutionary stage technology, as well as highlighting a specially curated foyer exhibition show-casing a new trend in costume and projection design.
Starting off as a favour for a friend, this little project turned into a full-blown epic. What was meant to be just a little wedding video became a bonifide documentary, and all bar none loved the result. So a little bit surprised, we can now happily say that wedding videos don't have to be these dull and cheesy — yet very praffairs — they can be fun, engaging and emotionally rewarding. Not just for the happy couple, but for everyone else as well.
As a major sponsor of the movie, Casio Electronics commisioned us to create a special movie trailer for them.
To launch the new range of their projectors, Casio Projectors commissioned us to produce a commercial that showcases the full range and it's USP's in a minimalist, stylish setting. We created a brand film stylistically in keep with our previously produced commercial for the Casio LK-160 keyboard, to set a standart for brand consistancy, previously missing in their media presence.
UK based music photographer Tom Oxley discusses how Casio projectors assisted with his newest exhibition Face to Face: The Moving Portrait at the Royal Albert Hall, London
Casio Electronics asked us to create a new look for their product commercials that could play with or without sound, and that would move away from their earlier output that featured voice-over and was perceived as dwn-market. Here is the film we created for the LK-160 keyboard to kick off the series.